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Welcome back!  The UPS truck made another delivery to my house–and how exciting that is!  I got a bunch of new ribbons for the Ribbon Share I posted previously.  There just isn't anything that compares to touching it!  It is absolutely lovely!  Now I must start creating to show case the new ribbons so please keep tuned. 

I got all the ribbon for the Ribbon Share  measured and packaged–it looks so inviting.

August Cards & Crafts 2011 064 
 I also had a little time to do some actual crafting.  My friend, Jeannie, and her daughter, Amanda came over so we made some more designer envelopes with matching cards.  I'll just share a few that I made: 

August Cards & Crafts 2011 067 

August Cards & Crafts 2011 066 
August Cards & Crafts 2011 065 

That's it for tonight!  Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon. 


  1. You are just killing me with these beautiful 4×4 cards and matching envelopes. You make them work so well!! Especially love the bride and groom card! The ribbon swap looks so bright and happy. Your customers will be thrilled when they receive their order with a handmade card from yourself!! Well done!

  2. Is it too late to get in on the ribbon share?

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