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Hi!  Today's post is going to be a little longer because I'd like to share with you how to make your own custom envelopes out of Designer paper.  

 Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 027

You can make any size envelopes you need just by following a few simple steps.  The photos and the measurements I'll share today are for a 4 1/4" square card. 

Start out with a 12×12 piece of DSP and cut 6 1/2 x 11.  If you have stripes on one side of the paper, decide the direction of your stripes before you cut–vertical or horizontal.  

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 001 
I chose to have the stripes vertical on the inside of the envelope.  The reverse paper is what is left over and is perfect to make coordinating make cards,  etc. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 005 
Score at 1" and 5 1/5" on the long side fir the side flaps of the envelope. 

  Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 007 
  Turn and score at 3 5/8" and 8 1/4".

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 008 
Now cut a wedge off the bottom flap of the envelope.  To do this, position the corner of the bottom flap at the 3/8" mark and cut a to the corner where the two score lines meet.  Repeat on other side. 

 For the top flap of the envelope, cut a 1/2" wedge on both sides. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 017 
Here's a photo of what the envelope should look like before you glue it. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 019 
Fold all the score lines in and glue bottom flap to side flaps. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 020 
Run a small bead of Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive # 110755 close to the edge of the bottom flap on both sides.

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 029 
Close envelope and add a strip of Sticky Strip #104294 to the inside of the top flap. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 023 
Your envelope is ready to use–insert your card, remove the red covering from the Sticky Strip, add addressee and postage and your card is ready to mail to someone special!  If you make a 4 1/4" explosion card to mail in this custom envelope, it will cost you $1.25 (confirmed by Canada Post) to mail because of the thickness of the card. 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 024 
This morning Kathy and I made 25 envelopes today for her granddaughter's birthday party invitations this morning. I love all the colorful and fun designs of these envelopes! 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 025 
I can imagine that each guest who receives an invitation to this special 1st birthday party for Addie will treasure the card and envelope they receive for this special event! 

And what a great way to use Designer paper! 

Envelope Tutorial Aug.2011 027 

I've scheduled a Custom Envelope class for Tuesday, August 16, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  In this class we'll make a custom envelope, a coordinating card and gift card.  Space is limited so reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll be back tomorrow!   

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  1. Love these envelopes Eldonna! So colourful and such an extra nice touch to the card! Brilliant!

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