Birthday Wishes!

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Kathy McElrea Bday
Friends, cards and birthday wishes–that's what may last week has been filled with. I thought I'd share a few more birthday cards I received.  Enjoy! 

Gloria bday
This card was created by my friend, Gloria.  The card is much brighter and happier that this photo shows–a little too much light!  The inside is also beautifully decorated with a darling fairy in a tempting turquoise dress and shoes and a basket full of flowers to spread birthday wishes and again, a special personal note! 

Deborah bday
Deborah created this beautifully coordinated card.  It is a perfect sample of using current and past products!  When I saw this card I had fond memories of stamps, punches and DSP that are now collectors items.  

Welmas bday
This beautiful bright lime green card was created by my sister, Welma. When I see lime green, I often think of our grandson–he LOVES lime green and thinks it would be real cool if we bought a lime green jeep! 

Anyway, I love all the cards I received, the birthday wishes given and appreciated all the friends who were able to come and celebrate with me!  Have a wonderful day! 


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